Business Process Management (BPMS) software to Automate your document intensive approval processes with our No Code and Low Code platform.

Get rid of your messy paper work

Powerful cloud based SaaS BPM product for citizen developers

Business Process Management Workflow BPM

Visual workflows

bpmn business process workflow
business process workflow

Design your visual workflows with simple drag and drop designer in industry standard BPMN 2.0 model. Define your task, business rules, notifications and assignments without writing a single line of code.

Custom forms

Design custom forms with our drag and drop form designer. Choose field type from our rich set of fields from the tool box. Arrange your fields in tab and sections for improved documentation.  Drag and Drop Form designer and Workflow designer is key for No code App Development.

flexible custom form
form properties

Display rule

Rule based process application
condition rules

Choose field visibility for each step to control the access. You can use advance display rules to control visibility of the field based on a rule.Instant deployment will get your process running realtime in minutes.


A key feature of BPMS and workflow automation is that assignees will receive pending tasks in their Inbox. As the process instance moves along the workflow, each task will be assigned to a user or role automatically. Users can work on pending task through Inbox-attach documents, enter comments and see the workflow's current status.

Zanflow Inbox


Process tracker Dashboard view

Monitor important metrics and get key insights into processes with our dashboard.


Out of the box report is automatically enabled with the fields chosen as 'reportable'  in form designer. You can download the reports and make better decisions with the knowledge of the number of processes launched, how many were completed and which tasks are more time-consuming. 

Pending process Reports



Zanflow is Zapier Integration enabled. You can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

  • You can initiate workflow on Email receive, Google Form response or New Document in drive

  • You send data to other apps on workflow step complete from Zanflow.

  • You can connect to 4000+ apps to Zanflow with trigger and action provided by Zanflow in Zapier.

Automate your business processes today 

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Advanced features

Digitize business process

Zanflow offers the low-code / no-code platform that enables rapid development of applications without any code.  Develop applications and automate business workflows without any programming skills with Powerful cloud based SaaS BPM Product

Assign Accountability

Create different business tasks and route them automatically to users or user groups to reduce manual interference while executing workflows. 

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Zanflow with other applications through Zapier or APIs to improve performance and flexibility.  


Our powerful dashboards and reports help gain insights, identify anomalies, and enhance future performance.