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Looking for an alternative to Process Maker?

Is Process Maker expensive? Do you get little support from Process Maker? Is it difficult to customize Process Maker's platform?

No Problem! Zanflow is the best alternative that lets you seamlessly automate and customize your process workflow, with 24/7 support.

60 Days Free Trial, No credit card required

Discover why to switch and choose Zanflow over Process Maker

Zanflow is an exemplary platform that lets you optimize, manage and track all processes in one place. Empowering the organization to enhance and upgrade the workflow management efforts by giving total control and automating repetitive task saving time and increasing efficiency. (See how Zanflow compares with Process Maker)

Hands on Support: Zanflow >> Process Maker

Guided Onboarding

Get 100% free support & on-boarding guidance from our team of process experts

24x7 email, phone, chat

Facing an issue? Talk to us anytime of the day and get instant help.

1-on-1 Process Consultants

Your success is our success. Work with our team of process consultants and build powerful internal tools

Digitize business process

Zanflow offers the low-code / no-code platform that enables rapid development of applications without any code.  Develop applications and automate business workflows without any programming skills

Assign Accountability

Create different business tasks and route them automatically to users or user groups to reduce manual interference while executing workflows. 

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Zanflow with other applications through Zapier or APIs to improve performance and flexibility.  


Our powerful dashboards and reports help gain insights, identify anomalies, and enhance future performance. 

See the difference when you choose Zanflow over Process Maker


Admin panel to design workflow, Kanban Board, Invite User and create groups, API keys to integrate with Zapier

Kanban Board

Design your own Zanflow Kanban board with custom stages, custom forms and dynamic members to access the board.


Connect with your favourite Apps using Zapier integration and webhooks


 Users can work on pending task through Inbox-attach documents, enter comments and see the workflow's current status.

Reports and Dashboard

Use Report and Dashboard to Monitor and track work of all teams & process owners. You can download the reports and make better decisions with the knowledge of the number of processes launched, how many were completed and which tasks are more time-consuming. 

Start 60 days free trial. No credit card required.

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