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Budget Management

Establish Easy to Use forms to improve and streamline budget approval processes. Get real-time visibility of spend in comparison against your budget that facilitates incisive review on expenditure and enables mid-course corrections. Control and adjust budgets based on changing needs

CapEx and OpEx Management

Easily configure web forms and workflows without having to solely rely on Information Technology personnel and suffer delays. Safeguard business from the financial drain with automated workflows and link CapEx system information with purchase or assets management system. 

Contract Management 

Poorly managed contracts can create huge financial liability for the company, besides dragging it into nerve-breaking legal challenges. Streamline your end-to-end contract lifecycle including receipt, review, approval, signing, renewal and storage of contract agreements and documents.

Audit service

Make data-driven financial decisions, save time and efforts on auditing, and automate entire auditing lifecycle over a single platform .Increase cost savings by identifying and reducing non-compliant expenses and eliminating the risk of fraud.

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