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Employee Onboarding

Extend a positive and lasting welcome for your newly recruited employees with self-service onboarding forms and well defined process workflows to schedule introductory session, set up a salary account, assign workstation and more.

Performance Management System

Corporate Travel Management

Manage employee expenses more effectively. Zanflow offers a customizable pre-spend control, request and approval processes related to employee's official travel. Enable employees to upload travel expenses along with supporting bills using any device from anywhere. 

Leave Application Process

Get rid of paper-based leave application forms. Zanflow can automate end to end leave application workflows to apply, approve or reject, and manage leaves. Employees and Managers can have access to the leave account balance and past leave records anytime.

Employee Off-Boarding

Ensure smooth and graceful exit process with online feedback form and workflows to recover asset, get clearance from all departments, order relief arrangement ,assign a successor, and complete final payroll process.

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Automate performance management process from setting up goals, tracking achievements to completion of the quarterly and annual appraisal process. With Zanflow's customizable self-assessment form, manager can capture the individual employees' progress and get deeper insight into  teams performance.