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Project Management

Plan simple workflows or full agile sprints with our powerful Kanban boards. Organize with drag-and-drop cards and collaborate with your team using shared boards. Provide visibility of ongoing activities & completed deliverables to the manager. Kanban Boards help to identify critical points and slow-movers that pull down overall project performance.

Asset Management

Create and maintain a database of the entire company’s infrastructure, plant and machinery, hardware and software assets. Get a complete history of your assets maintenance schedules, manage software licenses and maintain compliance with applicable IT policies. Build workflows to assign assets, simplify repair requests and to track return of assets. Enable efficient functional use of assets and reduction of idle time in their usage.

Incident Reporting

Incident management is crucial to a healthy IT ecosystem and overall IT infrastructure. Let your employees report incidents using any device from anywhere. Forward the issues to the developer to analyze and build a time-bound fix. Once fixed, the quality analysis team will review and confirm if the incident is resolved. Restore a normal service operation without time lag and prevent a future  re-occurrence.  

Service Request Management

Receive various types of service requests (change requests, task or release request) from your employees and route the requests based on pre-set rules and prevent modification for the same thing by more than one person. Track the request from initiation to closure and effortlessly adopt to new changes without any slump in productivity.

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