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Leave Management Software: Automate leave apporovals

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Leave approval in any organization usually involves submitting a leave application form, forwarding it to manager for approval, notifying the HR department for payroll purposes and for logging employee records. This process happens every day within the organization posing great difficulty to monitor attendance and leave records of employees. Hence legacy systems need to be replaced with sophisticated leave management systems.

Benefits of Automating Leave Approval

Save good-bye to age old leave applications procedures

Many organizations follow a simple procedure where an employee seeking leave for any reason can call in an off by sending an email or a phone call which will be updated in a spreadsheet.

For many business firms, this means piles of paperwork, back and forth emails, numerous phone calls, and lots of sloppiness. With paper and email leave application, the manager loses track of the leaves availed by an employee. Spreadsheets are not efficient tracking method. Alternatively,a paperless leave requests system can allow the employee to manage their absences from start to finish.

No scope for human manipulations.

Errors in leave balance can occur due to human oversight or by deliberate manipulation. Tracking down and rectifying the mismatch will cost time and effort.

Human error isn’t isolated to just employees. Managers and HRs are flooded with emails all day for various decision-making requests that they can easily miss out on leave approvals. Payroll errors can also occur if HR misses to update an employee’s leave balance or enters the wrong leave type into the system

Leave tracking and delegation of work made possible.

A robust leave management process keeps operations running smoothly, while also giving employee the chance to take time off when needed. It is essential to track employee leave patterns to monitor the amount of paid leave, sick leaves, and holiday patterns within the organization.

The managers have to examine several considerations about timing, project needs and the availability of alternative resources before approving vacation. When employees, managers and HR managers adopt a structured system that coordinates the application and approval process, requests for time off become easier to handle and also more reliable.

Approval cycle can be aligned to the Company's HR Policy

Each company has different leave policy and the workflow system can be easily customized to align to the company directives. It is mandatory for the employer to adhere by the region’s labour laws pertaining to employee leaves.

Failure to comply with these may lead to huge problems for the company. By implementing an online leave system, managers can ensure that all laws are strictly adhered.

Monitor employee leave balance with the help of widgets and reports

By enabling access to employee’s leave history and leave availability, it is easy to improve accuracy and build discipline in the organization. This helps to better manage employee attendance as everyone is well aware of the consequences if they do not adhere to company leave policy.

Leave Management Software: Plan your time-off with Zanflow

With an all-purpose workflow automation software like Zanflow, non-technical business users can quickly build approval forms, design routing workflows with a drag and drop interface and get notified on time.

If you’re a SMB owner or HR professional looking for the best leave management software, Zanflow provides the finest workflow management software that can be customized for a your varied needs.

Try Zanflow for free!


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