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Purchase Requisition

Come out of dated,manual paper based purchase cycle and upgrade to digital process approvals.

Zanflow forms can capture the purchase requests quickly without error. Let your managers and decision-makers create new purchase requisitions with detailed data about suppliers, available budgets, inventories, and more.

Purchase Orders

Once the purchase request is approved, finance team can automatically generate purchase orders to get quote from vendor. Generate rule-based conditional workflows to route purchase order approvals  from the system and reduce manual errors. 

Vendor Management

Are you finding it difficult to keep track of your vendors? Let Zanflow's custom forms collect and store key vendor information. Keep your vendor data updated and screen them based on past performance, satisfaction of customers and reputation. Use detailed vendor error reports to proactively reduce errors

Invoice & Payments

Auto-approvals and integrations with finance and accounting tools ensure prompt and predictable payments. Eliminate manual error. No more missing bills and receipts. Attach and store your receipts in Zanflow's easy to use interface and compare quotes in future.

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