What type of document flow is best automated with Zanflow?

Zanflow is best suited to automate document flow within small and medium business where there is repetitive form filling tasks with multiple levels of approval. Remote users can access and approve from anywhere.

How does Zanflow compare to Excel and spreadsheets?

Zanflow works with tables of data (rows and columns) just like any familiar spreadsheet tool.

But Zanflow’s competency comes from the following abilities which enables to

  • automate things that would normally require a lot of manual work in Excel or Google Sheets

  • design workflows that you would only be able to achieve by writing code or hiring a developer for connecting with APIs and doing complex integrations.

Why should I automate my business process?

  • Workflows ensure that processes are always executed in a consistent manner, regardless of the person performing the task.

  • Standard operating procedures ensure consistency and less chance of human error.

  • Management can achieve complete status transparency and granular traceability

Can external parties participate in the process?

Web based application forms allow external parties to submit applications online. This submission can trigger an automated workflow.

Information request forms allow for the collection of data and documents from external parties such as your clients and suppliers. This can be updated directly in Zanflow's Master data for further processing. 

Is my data safe in Zanflow?

We take data security seriously here since people use Zanflow every day to automate and transform potentially sensitive data.

Our servers are hosted by GCP (in the US) and we utilize their best practices for cloud and data security. We always pull in data on demand when processing flows and while doing so, immediately flush any older cached data from our system. Any data that is cached on the servers—to make building flows more streamlined—is cleared after a maximum of two weeks.