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Improve your onboarding process with our HR onboarding workflow

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Effective onboarding of new team members is one of the most significant contributions, any hiring manager or human resources (HR) professional can make to the long-term success of the organization.

Many a times, multiple uncoordinated teams oversee disjointed pieces of the onboarding process. They make poor handoffs across the organization resulting in misalignment and disengagement of new employees.

This can lead an employee to leave the organization in the first six months and as many as 50 percent of new employees fail to deliver what their organizations expect.

Effective onboarding steers productivity of a fresh entrant, accelerates delivery of results, and more importantly improves talent retention. Yet few organizations manage their onboarding operation well, so most people in new roles do not gain clear messages about what the team and the organization expect from them.

Our HR onboarding workflow system overcomes the manual-borne administrative hurdles and ensures an efficient virtual onboarding, thus helping organizations get new leaders rapidly.

What can an effective HR onboarding workflow achieve?

  • Accelerate pace to productivity goals

  • Reduces administrative errors

  • Ensures consistency

  • Massively reduces paperwork and documentation

Pre- COVID 19, a manager could make frequent stops at a new hire’s desk to see how he/she is doing. With the new hybrid working norm, managers need to stay connected in novel ways through email, chat and video conferencing. HR Leaders have identified the shortcomings and are quickly adapting to technology for a smooth and indelible onboarding experience.

Our HR onboarding workflow helps to achieve virtual staff onboarding.

Managing onboarding paperwork can get irksome and lead to manual errors. There is no scope of error is our Remote Onboarding workflow.

What is an HR Onboarding Workflow?

HR Onboarding workflows lends a consistent and strategic way to avoid the redundant documentation.

  • Once the new employee accepts the offer, a form will be made available online with all the requisite questionnaire. With our drag and drop Form Builder, one makes customizable form for additional information and eliminates heaps of paperwork.

  • The new employee will fill the form, attach the supporting documents and submit the form as an external user.

  • The HR will review the submitted form and the check the credentials. Once verified, HR will initiate a request to the multiple departments and call for action- all with just a click.

  • The Finance department will get notified to create a payroll account and issue account details.

  • The Administration department will be informed to provide access details and E-mail id.

  • The IT Department can will be notified to setup laptop and provide access to the company’s network.

  • The Department Manager will be notified to schedule a meeting and provide technical training.


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