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What is BPMS (Business Process Management System)?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Key Questions Answered In this article

  1. What is BPM ? Why it is required ?

  2. What are current challenges in adopting BPM and BPMS ?

  3. Why should an SMBs invest in BPM solution, in the cloud ?

  4. Top 5 Cloud based BPMS software ?

What is BPM ? Why it is required ?

Business Process Management (BPM) is formalizing the business process to reduce waste and improve efficiencies by adopting process methodology strategies like Six Sigma, Lean, KaiZen and Value Chain mapping.

Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) is an platform for realising the formalised process and for implementing process innovations. Within a BPMS platform, there are tools to aid in all phases of the BPM lifecycle: Design, Modeling, Execution, Monitoring and Optimization.

Business is any 'Activity' that is performed as means of Livelihood or Profit

  • Markets (Goods/Services)

  • Owner, Operators, Partners, Suppliers

  • Consumers (Customers)

Process is set of activities that transforms inputs into more valuable output

  • Tasks

  • Rules

  • Process Worker

Business Process Management

BPM is all about creating value more effectively.

What are current challenges in adopting BPM and BPMS ?

Barriers of entry - BPMS is expensive, difficult and different.

  • While big time corporations can afford to invest significantly on BPM suites, the mid-sized and small time organizations are constrained by budgets to invest in a BPMS platform.

  • BPMS platforms like PEGA, APPIAN, IBM BPM are expensive to invest for SMBs.

  • Skilled developer with product knowledge is required to implement BPM solution using those products.

  • BPM CoE setup is required to maintain the system.

Why should an SMBs invest in BPM solution, in the cloud ?

  • With the advent of Cloud Computing the entry barrier to BPM suites has greatly reduced.

  • Without making upfront investments in BPM suites, organizations can try process innovations in Cloud for a subscription cost based on usage.

  • With current low code and No code platform makes it easier for citizen developers to develop Business Processes.

  • SaaS based BPMS solution helps in quick to market.

Top 5 Cloud based BPMS software ?

Zanflow - BPMS Low code platform following BPMN standard.
Flokzu - BPM SaaS platform with BPMN standard.
Kissflow - Low code BPM platform. But doesn't follow industry standard BPMN.
Quixy - Digital transformation platform.
Process Maker - Low code BPM and digital transformation platform.

Try Zanflow for free and schedule demo to know more.


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